Flowered 16/20 oz
Beverage Bottle Covers
Keep Your Drink Cold &
Your Hands and Table Dry
Ladies Prints
16/20 oz
16/20 oz
16/20 oz
16/20 oz
Teacher  16/20 oz

Wine Prints  
Ladies Tall
Ladies one Liter
Fits wine bottles
Men's prints  16/20 oz
Patriotic  16/20 oz
Girls  16/20 oz
Boys 16/20 oz
Arm Forces  16/20 oz
Cooks 16/20 oz
Travel  16/20 oz
Animals  16/20 oz
Golf  16/20 oz
Fireman  16/20 oz
Police  16/20 oz
Men's one liter
Shoulder strap for
large  Neck &
Aluminun bottles
Shoulder strap for
small neck water
1 1/2 to 2 Liter Wine
Bottle Cover

Men's tall

All Bottle Covers now
include a Cord Lock.  If
you need additional
Locks they are $o.50 each

Bottle Covers are $7.00
plus s&h     

Talls & One Liter Covers
are $8.00 plus s&h

Large Covers for 1 1/2 to 2
liter Wine Bottles  $9.00
plus s&h  

Shoulder Straps are

If you are interested in a
special print or theme,
contact us.  
Covers are a preselected
print comparable to the
ones pictured

Shipping stated is for US
only.   For All other
locations please email

    Traveling Grannies Gifts
    PO Box 35653
    Des Moines IA 50315

    515-480-5929  Judy
    515-321-7943 CJ